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Pneumothorax is a condition where air enters the chest cavity, forcing the lung to compress and collapse. In these situations first aid is vital. This poster shows the identifying features and gives instruction on how to best help the injured person.

Identifying Pneumothorax: Shortness of breath, Blue lips and fingers (cyanosis), Blood bubbling and frothing from the wound, Listen for a 'sucking' sound coming from the wound

First Aid: If the object is not in the chest, create a flutter valve by using a piece of cellophane about 2 inches larger than the wound and taping it on three sides. This allows air to escape while sealing the wound and stopping incoming air. If the object is still lodged in the chest, use a clean cloth or towel to stabilize it. Do not try to remove it, this may cause further damage.

Anatomy in this medical illustration: Lungs, Heart, Aorta, Superior vena cava, Trachea