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Mayfield Skull Clamp

The Mayfield Skull Clamp is a staple of neurosurgery, forcing the head to remain immobile while the procedure is taking place.

Anatomy in this medical illustration: Skull, Mandible, Maxilla, Teeth, Frontal bone, Parietal bone, Coronal suture, Mastoid Process, Mental Foramen, Zygomatic bone, Zygomatic arch, Infraorbital foramen, Ethmoid bone, Lacrimal bone, Sphenoid bone, Sphenoparietal suture, Sphenofrontal suture, Squamous suture, Glabella, Vomer, Anterior nasal spine, Inferior nasal concha, Middle nasal concha, Piriform aperture, Nasion, Frontal incisure, Supraorbiral margin

Other: Mayfield skull clamp, neurosurgical clamp, head clamp