Jared Travnicek Medical & Scientific Illustration info@jtsciencevisuals.com


Cognition Studio Inc. - Medical Illustrator and Animator

2014 - Present, Seattle, WA
  • Creating illustrations and animations for a wide variety of clientele in the life sciences industry.

Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine - Medical Illustrator

2009 - 2013, Indianapolis, IN
  • Working closely with neurosurgeons in and out of the operating room to create highly detailed and accurate illustrations describing complex neurosurgical techniques.

Rolin Graphics Inc. - Illustrator

2005 - 2007, Minneapolis, MN
  • Created illustrations in a variety of subject areas, including scientific, medical, surgical, mechanical, and children's.
  • Designed page layouts, postcards, flyers, logos, and color palettes for textbooks and pamphlets.
  • Worked in a variety of media ranging from traditional to digital, including vector and raster formats.

Iowa State University School of Veterinary Medicine - Illustrator

2003 - 2004, Ames, IA
  • Created anatomical, cellular, and structural pen and ink illustrations to accurately communicate physiological and neurological concepts and experiments.

National Aquarium Baltimore - Illustrator

2008, Baltimore, MD
  • Researched and illustrated the external and internal anatomy of the striped bass for a dissection guide used in high school advanced biology courses.

Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine - Illustrator

2005, Berlin-Buch, Germany
  • Collaborated with neural stem cells researchers to create an illustration for a book cover describing cell migration in mouse neurogenesis: Kempermann G. (2006) Adult Neurogenesis: Stem Cells and Neuronal Development in the Adult Brain. New York; Oxford University Press.