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Heart Anatomy

This coronal cross section of the normal heart, shows the natural pathway of blood flow.

Anatomy in this medical illustration: Aorta, Superior vena cava, Right atrium, Tricuspid valve, Inferior vena cava, Right ventricle, Intraventricular septum, Left ventricle, Bicuspid valve, Left coronary artery, Left pulmonary artery, Pulmonary semilunar valve, Pulmonary trunk, Left subclavian artery, Left common carotid artery, Brachiocephalic trunk, Right pulmonary artery, Right pulmonary veins, Right coronary artery, Fossa ovalis, Coronary sinus, Ligamentum arteriosum, Posterior papillary muscle, Anterior papillary muscle, Chordae tendineae, Trabeculae carneae, Pectinals muscles, Crista terminalis