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Internal Maxillary Artery Bypass

Internal maxillary artery bypass is created by using a vein graft and creating an end to end anastomosis with the internal maxillary artery and an end to side anastomosis with the M3 segment of the midddle cerebral artery.

The procedure uses an orbitozygomatic craniotomy (OZ) in combination with a low temporal craniotomy and planned craniectomy from the lower edge of the floor of the the middle cranial fossa to a point in between the foramen ovale and foramen rotundum.

Anatomy in this medical illustration: Internal maxillary artery, Temporalis muscle, Lateral pterygoid muscle, Deep temporal arteries, Superficial Internal carotid artery, Buccal artery, Temporal bone, Frontal bone, Parietal bone, Foramen ovale, Foramen rotundum, Sylvian fissure, Dura, Middle cerebral artery (MCA), M1, M2, M3, Superficial middle cerebral vein, Sylvian vein

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