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Internal Carotid Artery Flow Diverter

Internal carotid artery (ICA) flow diverters will work when a specific set of conditions are met. If the ipsalateral and contralateral anterior cerebral artey (ACA) are relatively equal in size, an ICA bifrucation aneurysm can be coiled and then a flow diverter can be inserted. This causes the ipsalateral ACA to contract to a point where only enough blood will flow through to feed the perforators. If however the contralateral ACA is much smaller, the coiling and flow diverter placement will not work.

Anatomy in this medical illustration: Internal carotid artery, ICA, Anterior cerebral artery, ACA, Anterior communicating artery, Acomm, A1, Middle cerebral artery, MCA, Aneurysm, Perforators

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